rue Ramponeau

June 2   |   July 13 2017

Xinyi Cheng



She makes paintings based on love, trust, honesty, sharing, friendship, sincerity, intuition, humor, impermanence, inefficiency, smallness, multiplicity, clumsiness, fantasy, emotion, fertility, misunderstanding, uncertainty, subtleness, harmony, happiness, and perhaps more values that have been confused with the wind disappearing in the night;

Heaven and Earth, Yin-Yang, the universe;
the undiscovered potential of feminist sensibilities. When your body is a given, what can you explore instead of represent or remain?

Fremdschämen is a word that describes a feeling of being ashamed about something someone else has done. Complexity is sometimes compressed to a singular form. Ego, time and space, they mixed with the water in our bodies. There are matters that have never been in their pure forms, and perhaps there will never be pure forms to be perceived by humans. Vulgar and ignorance, what are the micro ways towards defining them? The hands of a barber, they give in.

‘You see the color the hue the same you see the shape the form the same you see the unchangeable and the unchanged the same you smell filtered edited through progress and westernization the same you see the numberals and innumerables bonding overlaid the same, speech, the same. You see the breath and out of will but you still see the will. Will and will only espouse this land this sky this time this people. You are one same particle. You leave you come back to the shell left empty all this time. To claim to reclaim, the space. Into the mouth the wound the entry is reverse and back each organ artery gland pace element, implanted, housed skin upon skin, membrane, vessel, waters, dams, ducts, canals, bridges.’  (Theresa Hak Kyung Cha)
– Cici Wu