Alex Ayed

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selected works

  • Untitled (Sand II), 2018. Installation view, Institute of Arab and Islamic Art, New York.
  • Kamel (Mita Series), 2017. Organic material, variable dimensions.
  • Untitled (Drapes II), 2019. Plaster, marine resin, washing line, 187x190x20 cm.
  • Untitled (Grasshopper), 2018. Grasshopper, Mahdia-soap, aluminum, 6x18x7 cm.
  • Untitled (Sandy soap), 2018. Olive oil soap, styrofoam, fishing line, marble, knitting needle, 28x18x13 cm.
  • Untitled (Soap I), 2019. Olive oil soap, steel, 198x198 cm.