May 11   |   June 5 2016

Andante Cafè

Balice Hertling along with Romain Dauriac

Balice Hertling presents:
Neïl Beloufa, Will Benedict, Eoise Hawser, Yu Honglei

Romain Dauriac presents:
Darja Bajagić, Hanishi Fareh, Renaud Jerez, Zac Segbedzi


Chi Art Space is pleased to present “Andante Café”, a group show curated by the Parisian based gallery Balice Hertling and New York based curator Romain Dauriac. The title of the show recalls a coffee shop in Los Angeles, where Daniele Balice and Romain Dauriac spent a lot of time exchanging ideas and planning projects. Both of them cornered in the crystallized calm of the city, Balice and Dauriac started imagining to curate an exhibition together elsewhere and somewhere far away. Over many coffees, they discussed several of their concerns such as the increasing influence of the digital era on personal relationships and socio-political contexts. Or, the way technology and mass production are affecting the value we give to objects and in particular to artworks. The more the coffee started kicking in, the more Dauriac and Balice started speaking about subjects such as the loss of spontaneous sensuality since Tinder or that people look nicer on Instagram than in real life and the loss of individuality due to the desire of being part of a community. Is the anxiety created by the new media, something that will affect artistic production? If yes, how?
“Andante Café” (Andante also means slowing down and taking time to think), is the place where all those topics were discussed and where the concept of this show was conceived.